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I s o q u a N t

"I don't understand the process of imagination — though I know that I am                               very much at its mercy" - Joseph Heller

NEW ALBUM: IsoQuant - Flames Display LP
Digital Structures

Digital Structures is proud to welcome IsoQuant presenting the second round of his unique storytelling aptly named 'Flames Display'. 8 track full LP.

"I don't see the fire, I see colors.
Beautiful colors dancing in the dark,
waiting to torch the souls of many,
charming them with their gentle waves
until they magically transform life into the darkness of death,
all with nothing but the flickering spark of the dancing flame."
― Arti Manani, Seven Sins



released July 8, 2022

Mix by Yuli Fershtat

Mastered by Ido Ophir
Artwork by Mikael Bakke

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ALBUM: IsoQuant - Incidental Colors
Digital Structures

Digital Structures proudly presents Incidental Colors, an 8 tracks album by IsoQuant.

Enter into a mechanically induced dream. Colliding psychedelic techno with dark industrial ambience, IsoQuant sculpts with cinematic tension and astronomical intensity. Introspective fables take form as endless spaciousness. Each song is a story in this astounding saga.

"When an incidental color takes possession of our imagination, we can unexpectedly blossom into a new entity, as it gives us wings and enlightens our horizon" - Erik Pevernagie


released November 23, 2020

Mastered by Ido Ophir
Artwork by Mikael Bakke

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