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"When i write my music, I'm telling a story, my story. it usually starts with a scene, vision, dream, an idea or just a photo i have or had in my mind. and it goes from there to the unknown"
- Yotam Oren

Yotam Oren was born and raised in the enigmatic and magical Jerusalem.

Finding his attraction to electronic music since early ages and understanding over the years that he cannot turn his back and deny his irrational love to the mystical frequencies - he has been living and breathing electronic music since childhood. it runs deeply in his veins.

His personal taste and style in music had been changing and evolving countlessly, being able to like and inspire from everything that connects to art and music, until finding his own unique and powerful sound design of nowadays.

Sharp ears will notice that his music has influences from many different music genres and art branches (filming, acting, writing, paintings etc.) combined into pure relatively long masterpieces or "stories" as he would like to call them.

Yotam Oren (IsoQuant)
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IsoQuant is a 12-years-old psychedelic minimal techno music project; constantly evolving, pushing the limits, challenging the boundaries, pioneering and reaching his prime today. Make sure to listen and join the ride!


The project has been releasing music (full LP's and EP's) for the last few years via esteemed labels such as Digital Structure, DMT records, Techgnosis Rec, Lethal Dose Recordings, Plunk! Recordings etc. and developed his own unique live show with a lot of fresh unreleased music that may not see the light of day throughout the regular media channels ever. so make sure to closely follow.

"I don't understand the process of imagination — though I know that I am very much at its mercy. I feel that these ideas are floating around in the air and they pick me to settle upon." - Joseph Heller

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